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List: List yourself as a seller of a Practice. Describe your firm and your objectives. Outline the ideal candidate firm you would consider as a best-fit buyer in the implementation of your succession plan. (See categories listed below **)

Post a video: Post a video personally describing your firm, its philosophy and your objectives.

View: View listings of financial service professionals seeking to purchasing practices as a part of their strategic business model.

Transaction Management: We manage the listing/introduction process to ensure that it is efficient and handled professionally, without delay and with Confidentiality.


Subscription Membership

Eighty20Exchange Listing  Membership provides access to listings of companies seeking to acquire a practice, with all the data you need to assess your interest in the enterprise. Data includes:

Buyer identification / Location / Acquisition objectives / Business specialty / Revenues / Income AUM / Acquisition Valuation Range / Terms

Your contact with a seller is managed by an Engagement Agreement that establishes confidentiality and expedites discovery and succession success. The agreement states the commission payable to Eighty20 Advisors on the execution of an acquisition.



Our parent company, Eighty20 Advisors, is active in alerting the financial services community to the critical task of facilitating Succession. Organic growth is expensive and takes time. Growth by acquisition is an attractive alternative.

Your introduction to other industry professionals is greatly appreciated.


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Free Member visitor status allows you to see all available listings with: Location – Revenues.

As a Visitor you will not have the ability to contact the parties expressing acquisition interest.

Our objective is to bring all interested parties to this site. Your introduction to other industry professionals would be greatly appreciated.


Free Book:

Registration entitles you to a print copy of our guidebook to business valuation: “You Can Take It With You – To The Bank.” a 40 page primer that can be read in 30 minutes.

** Eighty20Exchange serves owners and buyers of: Financial Planning firms, Field Marketing Organizations, Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction, Broker Dealers,  Field Marketing Organizations, Independent Insurance Agencies and Independent Marketing Organizations.