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Applicants for Positions in Financial Service Firms

Industry Participant Applicant Listing: Confidentially and Anonymously post a resume. Describe the roles you have played that relate to the financial services industry. State your goals and describe the position that you are seeking. You can post a video of yourself, but this could defeat your anonymity.

College Graduate Applicant Listing: Post a resume. Add a video presentation of yourself. Describe any relevant experience. State your goals and describe the position you feel you are best suited for.

Recruiter Introduction: A companion page allows Recruiters in financial services firms to post their openings. Your membership in Eighty20exchange will allow you to view Position Vacant posting from these companies. If you see a position that you wish to apply for, email for a personal introduction.

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Your Listing Membership in Eighty20exchange will allow you to view the Recruiter postings. If you see an opportunity that meets your requirements, email for a personal introduction.

Your contact with any listing owner is arranged through the Service Agreement that also manages confidentiality and expedites your discovery.


National Financial Service Industry Exposure.

Financial Planning firms, Field Marketing Organizations, Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction, Broker Dealers, and Field Marketing Organizations.

Independent Insurance Agencies and Independent Marketing Organizations.



Our objective is to bring all interested parties to this site. Your introduction to other industry professionals would be greatly appreciated.

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