The process is very easy.

Simply click on the Submit a Listings tab. Choose the listing package that best meets your needs. We bill you a fixed sum for managing the listing and the interaction with interested parties. You will be prompted fro a PayPal account, Don't worry if you don't have one, below the PayPal logon you will find a traditional Credit Card payment section.  Once we receive notice of your listing - immediately you confirm it. We review the listing, will make contact and determine if edits or suggested changes are appropriate. Then we will confirm the listing and post it. Interested parties will make contact through Eighty20 advisers so we can determine suitability and gather greater details on their interest, before making an introduction. In this manner you don't have to do all the heavy lifting, we do a lot for you and you can focus on the selection of capable contenders.


Financial Services and Insurance Industry participants are in flux. Many older advisers would like to sell their practice, find a successor or both. Today there are few companies dedicated to the industry who have specific industry experience and can talk first hand to the benefits and challenges associated to transferring a financial services practice. Eighty20Exchange offers a listing service to Sellers as well as Buyers, we provide the opportunity for recruiters to represent themselves to prospective agents, registered representatives or simply post a position in the back office. Our goal is to provide a conduit from the seller all the way back into the academic world and so we also present the opportunity for young advisers to present themselves, their qualifications and ambitions to potential recruiters. Eighty20Exchange sits alongside Eighty20Advisors, our consulting division, focused on practice management and value enhancement.

Looking for a position in the industry and struggling to find a suitable shop to work in or a mentor with whom you feel comfortable? Sell yourself to the world with a personal Bio, statement of ambition and a personal video describing who you are, what you want to do and where you expect to be 5 years from now. List you qualifications both academic and personal. Do you like to manage money, deal with clients or actually spend time in a sales role?

Recruiters are provided a opportunty to present themselves to teh community as a whole. Provide an insight to their firm, its unique benefits and the types of advisors it seeks to join them. We encourage you to focus on the optimal profile of candidate companies you wish to attract. Link to a corporate video or create a video and we can imbed it inot the listing.

Todays market is jammed with people stating an interest as a buyer. The relaity is that few have the finance or expertise to carry off a transaction and secure a legacy for the seller. We believe buyers should have an opportunity to present themselves in detail.  Provide an insight to your strategy in business, what you desire to achieve and the type of firm you are looking to acquire. Detail the typical process you engage in and what a seller might expect in considering you as a buyer of his/her practice. Add a short video and personally invite prospective sellers to make contact. Stand outside the crowd and invite sellers to come to you directly.

The ability to find a suitable buyer is not as simple as it often sounds. You are involved in a relationship business and you cant simply sell relationships, they have to be transferred. This is a process and demands a certain level of suitability be met by a buyer. We provide the Sellers an opportunity to present your firm , its history and philosophy - while maintaining anonymity.  Provide some background as to the reasons you wish to sell the firm and broadly describe to a buyer how they would benefit from the addition of your firm to their own. The Eighty20 process requires that we validate, in person, your entry and review the material submitted your desire to sell the firm. Our aim is to ensure your goals are met and fully understood before a suitable buyer is introduced. We insure your situation and decision will be confidentially maintained until you choose to communicate to your clients and colleagues.