Eighty20 Advisors consulting practice

Eighty20 Advisors LLC is a practice management firm advising financial service companies in both the Financial Advisor and Insurance sectors.

There are many consultants in this space.  Our differentiation is that we offer a platform that supports the Monetization of Practices when owners approach retirement and enables Practice Growth through acquisition.

The core of our service is the Eighty20Exchange website.  This is “The Marketplace” for financial service transactions.  It is a location for Sellers to list their practices and Buyers to show their interest in an acquisition. It also offers firms the ability to recruit staff and for job seekers to find employment.


Independent agencies evolved in the 70s, flourished in the 80s and 90s, and matured coming into the 21st Century.  Most of the practices are owned by Baby Boomers.  You know the story; many are expecting to sell but the process of finding a suitable, qualified buyer for a financial services firm is complicated.   At the same time organic growth is slow and expensive.  Acquisitions are the fastest way to grow.


Partner Allen Duck is an RIA and owns equity in a financial planning company.  That company set out to buy books of business and was successful through five transactions.  Then it ran into a harsh learning experience with a failed acquisition.  That education may be the best asset that Eighty20 brings to you.  Our processes are designed to avoid the faults that cost a lot of money.

Partner David Cunningham is a management consultant who has assisted corporations in the acquisition of medical device companies.

Brokerage and Transaction Management

We provide a brokerage service, matching Seller with a Buyer and we manage the transaction.

We know that it is important that both Seller and Buyer are prepared to execute the transition.  Issues include client mix, systems, culture, and deal structure.  We work with both parties.

To get started we offer Sellers a Business Succession Audit that identifies what assets are to be offered, establishes a defensible valuation, and delivers a three part prospectus, Anonymous Listing, Detailed Listing delivered after an NDA is signed and a “Message from the Owner”.

We offer Buyers an Acquisition Preparation package.


To contact Allen call 970 412 6759 or email

To contact David call 970 988 4080 or email

Your Growth or Retirement

We look forward to working on your acquisition or transition to retirement.