Eighty20 Exchange Genesis

  • allen
  • January 10, 2013 11:21 am
  • Eighty20

Eighty20 Exchange

Eighty20 Advisers – our consulting company has served the Independent Financial Services practitioners in the areas of succession and acquisition execution. The Succession subject has gained a great deal of momentum and for good reason – if you are reading this it is likely you are 55+ years old and do NOT have a plan or a candidate to succeed you. Statistically this is the norm.

As a buyer and advisor working with other firms growing through acquisitions a clear need presented itself – a service that allows both buyers, and sellers to present their interests and at the same time serve the organic expansion of the independent channel by introducing the newer participants to existing established firms. And so Eighty20 Exchange was created. The industry is in a state of change brought about by the ageing population of advisers our goal is to bring the parties together for mutual benefit. A succession requires a change of ownership to take place – an acquisition. Find the best possible candidate and solution for your firm by joining our community. Its simple and confidential, your listing is only viewable to other paid members.


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