The website Eighty20exchange.com is managed by Allen Duck and David Cunningham, partners in Eighty20 Advisors LLC.  Our specialty is management of the succession process for financial service practices.  Our objective is to enable retiring owners to receive remuneration for the years that it takes to build a practice, and for buyers to enter into a financially viable contract.

We deliver clear, frank, precise insights and advice.

We created Eighty20Exchange to provide a marketplace for buying or selling companies, and for recruiting advisors, agents and staff.

Both sellers and buyers benefit from our personal successes and failures in financial service firm acquisitions, and M&A experience in other industries.  Allen has experience as a partner in a financial planning firm that grew by acquisition.  David was an advisor to companies acquiring medical device firms. Both of us have founded, bought, and sold our own companies in a range of industries.

Allen is the auther of the book “Successful Financial Planners” and Allen and David have co-authored the business exit guidebook “Get Out Alive!” and the business valuatuion handbook “You Can Take It With You.”  The two smaller books can be read in sixty minutes and are designed as check lists to assist owners as they work through succession processes.

The following testimonial is typical of those we have had the privelege to work with:

“Eighty20 Advisors provides advice with refreshing clarity, candor, and originality.  They delivered value at every stage of our engagement.”

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